I was born in Casablanca, from a French mother and a Moroccan father. After my parents separated, I followed my 
mother in the south of France.

Overwhelmed by my boundless energy, my mom enrolled me to the nearest dance studio, "dance rythmique" when I was about ten years old. Weeks after weeks I kept going, riding my bicycle, until one day the teacher called up my mother and told her that she thought I had what it takes to become a dancer and that it was worth going to the professional ballet boarding school in Cannes “Rosella Hightower”. My mother sacrificed half of her salary and off I went. The training was intense and while studying many styles, I was clearly a jazz dancer.

At sixteen, I went on to study at "OFF JAZZ" with Gianin Loringett in Nice. My first paid job was next to Prince in “Under the Cherry Moon” and at eighteen, I was soloist in the company “OFF JAZZ DANCE COMPANY”. I loved the art of makeup for stage, I would spend hours training in front of a mirror putting eyelashes and lipstick, fast like a pro.

At nineteen, it was time to go to Paris. The city of Love was nothing but struggles to survive as a dancer. All I did was training harder and got a huge break with Redha on the famous tv show “Champs Elysées”.

Of course acting came naturally since it terrified me, so, I started taking classes with Sarah Sanders and met my soon to be agent Jean-François Gabard. He helped me get a co-starring role in the TV Series “The Adventures of the Black Stallion”. I barely spoke English and lied about my horseriding skills, or maybe I just didn’t understand the question...Two seasons later, the series got syndicated. I went to NY to do theatre in an original play written by Abi Sanders. I was supposed to stay three months and ended up being five years. We created “Room 203” an underground actor’s lab, there I got the chance to act, sing, dance and direct. While performing Broadway called and I was on stage in “Chronicle of a Death Foretold”. I went on to act at The Public Theatre, in the East Village, and in many movies.

All this wear, tear and tears landed my body on the operating table to fix a herniated disk in 1996, I was twenty-seven and my dancing career was over. I couldn’t move for a long time, so, all I could do is, paint. After a few paintings, I packed and left for sunny Los Angeles to bathe in the healing energies of the West. Of course I kept acting (everyone is an actor in LA) and proudly landed many parts, amongst them in the movie “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” sharing screen time with Brad Pitt. In between gigs, I was an awful waitress, so hanging out at my friend's hair salon in Beverly Hills, I started painting peoples faces. Then cold-called headshot photographers and gently pushed door...Until I jumped in the celebrity whirlpool and assisted two of the most inspiring makeup artists of our times, Gina Brooke and Pati Dubroff. Since then, I've been working almost everyday of the week...until I moved back to Morocco in 2011. Collaborated with L'Officiel as well as the House of Dior for the International Film Festival of Marrakech. I am grateful to still be walking, dancing and making people feel beautiful.